Bill and Judy Fortner

Assistant Director/Missionary

Rev. William H. “Bill” Fortner is the Assistant Director of Frontline Fellowship. Bill became Executive Director after the death of our founder Rev. Don Kyer in August 2005. Bill has been on the Executive Board of Frontline Fellowship since 1973 and went with Brother Kyer on his first trip to Eastern Europe to establish a connection with Pastors and Churches in Communist Countries behind the “Iron Curtain.”

Bill has been a pastor for more that 33 years, his last pastorate was First Baptist Church of Kirikland WA where he served for 14 years. Bill is the author of 3 Booklets, “Soulwinning Step by Step”, “Counseling at the Altar”, and “Salvation is Just the Beginning”, to provide an effective and structured means of teaching exciting truths of basic Bible doctrines to new church members and converts. Bill has two children and four grandchildren.

After Bill’s wife Barbara went to be with the Lord he married Judith R Sellers a long time friend for over twenty years in September 2013. The two of them are serving our Lord in all the countries where Frontline Fellowship has missionaries. Bill is available to come to your church for Mission Conferences and Mission Emphasis Sunday.

Frontline Fellowship is a Ministry in Eastern Europe and Asia connecting Churches and individuals in America with Churches, National Pastors and the Timisoara Baptist Bible Institute, in the former Communist block countries and Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary in India. Our goal is to train and support National Pastors and Church planters which we believe is the most effective and efficient way to win our world for Jesus Christ.