Brittany Szilagyi

Missionary to Romania

I was saved when I was 6 years old in a Sunday school class. The teacher read Romans 10:13, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved…” I realized I was a sinner and wanted a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I was baptized the next year, then when I was 12 we changed churches and that’s when my spiritual growth really started taking off. 

My pastor really became my role model and mentor after I went to the Wilds Camp when I was 15. While in camp the Lord called me to be a missionary, I thought I would go to Hungary, where my grandparents came from but the Lord had different plans. I went on a mission trip to Hungary and Romania when I was 18 and God very obviously (to me at least) called me to Romania. It was as if I left my heart in Romania, this is what I told everyone at the time that didn’t understand what a “calling” felt like. When I came back I went to nursing school (I hold an RN license) and afterwards I went to one year of Bible training and then found
Frontline Fellowship and saw we were trying to accomplish the same things, reach the Romanain people with the Gospel of Christ. I have been here for almost 4 years now. I am fluent in Romanian and will soon be fluent in Hungarian (within the next month). 

God has truly been good to me, all the time but especially in Romania. I have a great support system here and great friends that always help me when I need it. My ministry is mainly children based. It was more orphanage based at the beginning but recently some things have changed not making that as much of a possibility now. Within the last year my ministry is more focused in my local church. Before
the virus I was helping with two Bible clubs and teaching English at the church on Saturdays. Since I can’t do those things now I am playing saxophone in the orchestra, and I helped this summer with the Cinema on wheels (giving the gospel through Christian films and cartoons). My church will soon start a seed ministry, going door to door offering seeds with a Bible verse on them, in hopes that we can share the
gospel with people.  God has left us on Earth for such a special time (although “special” isn’t really the first word that comes to our mind when we think of COVID-19), it is a time of courage and creativity, doing things differently than we normally would to get the gospel out. God is sifting and purifying us for the trials that are still yet to come. Pray for us, as we also pray for you, to give us the discernment and courage to risk (wisely) and suffer for His sake

Your fellow-laborer in Christ,
Brittany Szilagyi