Constantine Cismaru

Latest Ministry Report

My salvation experience:
I was born into an Orthodox family, concerned only with traditions and customs. A family that did not really know God and lived in all kinds of sins, and so I lived for 20 years until God revealed Himself to me. In 1974, I went to a resort on vacation where I met a young woman who told meabout the Lord Jesus. 

There followed a time when I meditated on what I heard, sought to read the Bible, and found a church in the city where I lived. Jesus began to work in my life and because he loved me he researched that I was a sinner and that I needed to be saved from sin. I received Him in my heart and in 1975 I confessed Him in the water of baptism. Also in the same year I married that young woman who told me about the Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord for the way He has worked in my life and He has saved me.

How our Lord led me to TBBI:
In 1996 I was working as a missionary in the Baptist church in Drobeta Turnu
Severin in 2 localities in Oltenia and I heard that there was a Biblical Institute in
Timisoara. I also signed up with great joy, even though at the beginning of the
classes I found out that I was the oldest of my colleague.

It was a great experience for me, because I had never been to a Bible school, I was
the first graduate of the Institute, and although I was in the beginning and in
formation, I saw people dedicated and ready to serve God and their fellow men.

What God called me to do with Bible Training:

After finishing my studies and deepening many biblical teachings, I continued my
mission work in Oltenia and planted 2 churches in the village of Slasoma, where
Dumitru Cornilescu was born, the one who translated the Bible into Romanian
and I planted a church in the village my native, Balacita.

How or what I do for the Lord today:

In 2003 I was ordained as a pastor and now I continue to work in the spiritual
growth of the church, to share the gospel in other neighboring villages that do not
Really know God and through my life and my experience to show the world the
Lord Jesus who is my Lord and Savior and of those who believe in Him.