Dimitru Stroia

Latest Ministry Report

Beloved brethren in the Lord Jesus Christ,

I want to greed with holy greetings each of you and may God carry you in His chariot of victory! I’m glad to write you again and let you know about God’s work which He entrusted to us through His grace in Jimbolia church, Beregsau Mare and Bradisorul de Jos. 

In Beregsau Mare church, on June 21, 2020 on Sunday evening, we enjoyed with brothers and sisters because we had a baptism with a young 20 year old lady, Patricia Claudia Pauliuc. She is the daughter of a sister in the church. She confessed the Lord Jesus through the baptism water. The Lord be blessed because He works and brings conviction by adding young people to His Body, which is His redeemed Church. 

With us in the celebration there participated youth from Emanuel Cintei church, Arad district, and they sang for God’s glory plus the youth from Beregsau church, ( they played on mandolins that my wife taught them just a few months ago.) As I wrote you in my short mission reports, we pray for you and for the Work that you do, wishing that God rewards for all your toil in the Lord.

Join in prayers with us for power in preaching, for all the people who visit us in church and hear the Gospel to be pierced by the power of the Word of God. In our country there was floods in some areas and affected crops, fruit tree orchards, houses and households, please pray for us and for Pandemic time.

God bless and protect you!
Tica Stroia