Florin Butan

Latest Ministry Report

Briefly, I write you my testimony. I was born in a Baptist family. At the age of 11 I frequented the Baptist church in Resita; because some Christians were a stumbling block and hung round with the wrong kind of friends I broke my contact with that church. But in the second year of high school, I started to read the New Testament and through this, God touched my heart and began
a change in me. 

Until the age of 21, when I returned from the Army service I had many experiences with God. I read the Word of God but I didn’t go to church. One day my dentist asked me to help her pack some things up for her and on my way back she told me that the Bible is not true, people invented it. 

I wanted to tell her that she had no right to say this, but inside of me I heard a voice who told me: “Florin, you defend the Truth but you are indifferent to Him”. In that moment I was speechless because God showed me the biggest sin from my life, indifference to His Word. I knew that I had to confess my sins and to feel sorry for all the things I did wrong, but I hadn’t. I knew that I had to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and He died on the cross for my sin, but I hadn’t. I had to receive Him in my heart and my life as my Saviour and I had not. In that night at the end of February I did all of these and I asked the Lord to give me power to follow Him and for Him to help me, Now I am His servant for good. And it happened that miracle, in that night the Lord Jesus saved a sinner and the heaven rejoiced. I received peace and joy because the Lord Jesus died for me, too and He took the blame for my sins upon Him, I couldn’t sleep for joy.  I came to TBBI also through God’s guidance. 

My boss (a Christian from the church), told me that he wanted to be associated with me in a company, I told him that I have to think about it, I will pray to find God’s Will in this and I will let him know about my decision. After two months, God spoke to me and put in my heart desire to leave everything and to become involved in His Ministry. He spoke to me through sermons to see His will for me and then I talked to my boss about this and I let him know how God spoke to me and he accepted this. Zoran, a brother from Serbia told me also about TBBI and I prayed to find a close Institute around Resita because on the weekends I wanted to help my dad and youth from church. So, that’s how I went to the Institute. I gave up my job, living by faith and depending on Him.

At Institute God put in our brother’s hearts to carry for us about food and accommodation, it was exactly what I needed and God worked through this Institute.

To be His glory,
Florin Butan