Gabriel Cismaru

My salvation experience:

I returned to the Lord in a Christian camp, Hope for the Future, from Sighetul Marmatiei, in being searched by the Holy Spirit and convinced that I was a sinner and in great need of God’s salvation. The Lord was merciful to me, saved me by His grace, changed my life, and began a new life in Christ. At the age of 18 I confessed in the water of baptism my faith in the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior.

How our Lord led me to TBBI:

God blessed me with a faithful family where I grew up in a spirit of mission and love for the lost, things I saw from my father that helped me for the future. My father told me about this IBBT and how I can prepare for what God wants for me, but I thought God had a different plan for me. The years passed and after I finished high school, I really wanted to go to a music school, believing that this is God’s plan and will. God in His goodness and faithfulness changed things and had a different plan with me and His will was not to go to a music school but to go and study God’s Word more deeply. God’s will was to prepare me for something greater, which He wanted for me from the beginning. Then I decided to go to the Biblical Institute in Timisoara. This was the place where God molded me and prepared me to work for Him and His Kingdom. I think my parents prayers were here as well.

What God called me to do with Bible Training:

After finishing Bible school and social work in Timisoara, God called me to return to
Oltenia, the area where I grew up and there is a great spiritual need, sharing the love of God that he showed us through the Lord Jesus Christ in villages where there are no believers or the evangelical church: preaching the Gospel, doing mission from man to man, helping the poor and orphans, visiting the sick in order for Christ to be exalted and the Kingdom of God to grow in this part of Romania.

How or what I do for the Lord today:

Today, by the grace of God, I serve with the Gospel as a pastor in church planting in the localities of Vanju Mare, Valea Anilor and Bucura, together with my wife Mariana and my three children: Abigail (8 years old), Nathaniel (6 years old) and Mathias (2 years old). We are involved in these poorer and disadvantaged communities in the Oltenia area, through programs (meetings, seminars, camps, home schooling, etc.) that support spiritually, materially and educationally people in need and difficulty, so that children, young people and the elderly can to know God and to have not only a religion but also a relationship with the Lord Jesus.

May the Lord be praised for all things, Amen!