Gheorghe Halas

My name is Gheorghe Halas, from Blaj, Alba Iulia County. I felt God’s calling as a child, although I wouldn’t understand what it was. At age 13, I was singing in a church choir, being fascinated by the words that were speaking about a God who gives peace to the soul. I loved music in general, but the words of Christian music meant a special incentive. Around age 14 I was confused and fed up with all the worldly living and debauchery I could see in my family and in the society at large, so I decided to go to a school for monks, but I failed.

As I was growing I was looking for happiness but to no avail. Being brought up in a musician family I had the musical gene and I started following this path, but at the same time I felt an inner calling. I decided to ignore that inner calling and fill up the void with music, so I started writing rap music, performing in different venues and shows. But my life was not fulfilled, and I was headed into unknown full speed and unhappy.

It was 1998 when I turned 18 years old and in our town a group of missionaries came with a friend of mine who set up an evangelistic tent. Everybody in the town attended the meetings there because it
was a 2000 people tent. One day my friend invited me to go see how beautiful their singing was, but I did not accept his invitation because I was still ignoring my inner call, since it was a difficult one and I didn’t want to hear about Christians, although I did not know what they were like. One day I gave my friend a pair of shades and at that time having a pair of shades meant you were somebody important. He was three days late in returning them and I was determined to go retrieve them. 

When I arrived at the tent I started using profanities and act up because I was forced to look for him, but an older man approached me and with a soothing voice invited me to sing with everybody else. That night I heard the first sermon in which God described, through the lips of the preacher, my entire life. Starting that night it was like a voice kept calling me. I did not want to give up my worldly life, I was afraid I could not keep that world away from me, because it was too tempting. I kept avoiding that voice for six more years, but my life started to go sideways. I would get drunk too silent that voice, I would go to clubs to be in the middle of loud music, but even so that voice was everything I could hear. I asked it to leave me alone but it kept telling me that it wanted to use me for His plan.

In the year 2004, one night, I went through a very difficult situation that was going to take me to prison. I asked my friend to pray with me but he said he didn’t believe in the power of prayer and I told him that if we pray we will soon see God at work. I kneeled and cried to God. I told God that I knew He arranged all this so I would stop running from him and I invited him as Lord and savior in my life right there. From that day on I followed the Lord and I started speaking to people about God. In 2005 I was baptized at the same time with ten other boys.

Soon I went to the Timisoara Biblical Baptist Institute. All my expenses were paid because at the time I didn’t even have a toothbrush, soap or shampoo, my shoes were torn and I only had a few clothes.
How and why have I remained in ministry? After graduation I was sent by the church in the town of Aiud, to plant a church there and be the missionary with the Roma people. I served there as preacher
voluntarily for three years, without a monthly income. At the same time I helped another young man start ministering and checked on him every month. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for
your encouragement and support And I desire God’s blessing on you. I now serve as Missionary Pastor of the Baptist Church in Blaj. God has blessed our work and ministry, Amen.