Gigi Negrea

Latest Ministry Report

I grew up in a strong Orthodox family serving in the Orthodox Church inside the Shrine with my grandfather but in the family God had placed a strong lite in the person of my grandmother who was a godly women. At the age of 6 my father died (he was young just turned 33) and at the age of 16 my mother died (the same when she just turned 33). So from this time the grandparents cared for me. In this very hard childhood God was a Great Father and my grandmother was a strong prayer warrior.

At the age of 20 the Spirit of the Lord touched my heart and I gave my life to Jesus and my brother as well; so we were baptized together in January 20, year 1987. From the time I came to Christ God called me to serve in the local Church. During this time in 1988 I was taken in the army and there I was very dedicated for the Gospel even though it was strictly forbidden to preach or to bring Christian books inside the military division (that was during the Communist times and this was considered as a country high treason! God used me to share the Gospel with many soldiers and officers and used me to be a blessing in everything they asked me to do. This is a very long story but God did many miracles with me during the army service, praise the Lord.

Coming back home from the army I continued to serve with the Bible in the villages around our town. In 1994 God called me to plant a church in a very dark area in the eastern part of Romania. God used me and as a family we had to face many oppositions from the Orthodox leaders. Even with all the opposition the people came to Christ and today there is a good strong Baptist Church there. Then we came back to our home town because there was a need to train missionaries for the fields were white to harvest because after the revolution in Romania there was a great revival and many churches were planted but there was a big need for trained workers! 

My pastor in Bocsa who taught Systematic Theology at TBBI told me about the opportunity to be well trained and to join him in the ministry for Bocsa and the area. It was a big decision whether to leave the job I had and to follow God’s calling or to keep my job for family safety (at that time we had a Down syndrome child and my wife had no job) so it was not easy to make such a big step. After a time in God’s presence I received the assurance to go forth in serving the church full time. God was so faithful and from that time until now we live by faith and we have never been in need or lack of food and everything has been provided for our daily life and much more, God blessed our family with three wonderful daughters Oana, Deborah and Abigail, of course all we’ve received His grace, praise the Lord! 

I attended TBBI and there I had the privilege to meet Brother Don and Sister Myra Kyer and these folks were a blessing for me and our family. During the training at TBBI, Brother Don asked me to help with the school needs and to be a supervisor for him over the students and to be helpful in the school administration, as God gifted me with a lot of  understanding in many things and this way, we’ve had a strong relationship and life-long friendship (I can say it for eternity). 

After Brother Don was called home to be with the Lord, God called brother Bill Fortner to continue the Frontline Fellowship and TBBI also we have a good friendship with Brother Bill, I thank God for such great outstanding men of God ready to stay faithful in helping and working hard for the task the Lord gave to them. Thank God for all the faithful servants of God in Frontline Fellowship ministry and at TBBI as well,
praying, giving all the support for the task and for the glory of God in spreading the Good News around the world, God bless all and reward richly.

Pastor Gigi Negrea