About Us:  History

A Brief History as told by our Founder Rev. Don Kyer (1936-2005)

“I first began working behind the “iron curtain” in January 1971, taking in Bibles, Song books and Children’s literature and doing what I could to help pastors in the communist countries of Eastern Europe. Frontline is an independent Baptist organization which we established in 1973, with the help of Dr. Tom Wallace, Dr. Bill Fortner and others, to work with pastors and churches in these countries. During the years before the collapse of the communist economic system which brought about changes in the governments of these countries, our ministry was primarily a servant ministry to pastors and churches there. We provided Bibles, Song Books, Children’s Literature, financial support, equipment, encouragement and Bible Training to our Brethren who were working under some very difficult

Since the Revolution in Romania December 1989, Frontline Fellowship has built on the trust and confidence we established with Romanian pastors during the days of communism. In cooperation with these pastors, we have started many new churches in the villages and cities of that dark land. We also established The Timisoara Baptist Bible institute in 1994, and added the Timișoara Baptist Bible
Seminary in 2016, which is the source of the young preachers we need. In this way, we continue to train, encourage, and support National Pastors in the establishing of local Baptist Churches”. Don Kyer

The cost of these men being on the field after Bible Training is approximately $300 to $500 a month at this time, compared to $3,500.00 or more a month for an American Missionary. While we strongly recommend the use of National Pastors, we also recognize the need for American Missionaries whom God has called to do a work in these countries and we thank God for them.

In 2013 the ministry of the Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary in India was added to the ministry of Frontline Fellowship Inc. this College was started by long-time friend Dr. PJ Mathai in 1998 training Nationals in Asia to reach their own people for Christ. Maranatha has over 100 resident students and has 100’s of graduates planting Churches and Evangelizing in the villages and towns of India,
Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries in Asia. We are grateful for the opportunity to broaden the horizons of ministry to reach the world for Christ. If you have questions regarding Frontline or its ministry, please contact me or any of the men on our Executive Board or Board of Reference. Most of them have been to the field and have seen the ministry first hand. Many participate on a regular schedule of teaching in the Bible institute and preaching in the churches there. 

Thanks for your consideration in this matter. God bless you.

Mike Allen and Bill Fortner