Iurie Fedorcea 

Latest Ministry Report

By God’s help together with the help you give to me I go to many villages and districts from Moldavian Republic. Ciadir village, Leova district is a missionary point where I often go, because this also the place I was born and where I grew up. When I left the village, establishing in another district I left many of my relatives there who did not know about the Salvation, the Redemption plan of our Lord for their souls. When I left the village neither did I know the One that loved me and was working in my heart.

Two years before I left Ciadir, there came a group of people who sang and said that Jesus Christ died for this village too and that we are sinful and we need forgiveness from our Lord. By doing this we will receive forgiveness for our sins and eternal life.

Listening to the good news all the people from the village who had listen carefully took stones and began to throw into them and their transportation vehicle. That group of people had entered deep into my heart and they made me think why when they were struck with stones they kept praying for us and our children. In this time, in this village God switched on a little light, but one that light continuously. I repented of my sin and trusted Christ into my life as my Savior. 

After Catechism, I was baptized. Four families together with their children received Jesus Christ as their Savior. These brothers and sisters are trying to reach their friends, relatives and co-workers through their new changed life. I had a strong desire to know God’s Word so I could tell others from the Bible how to have this peace God had given me. From a Romanian friend I heard about Brother Don Kyer and the Bible School in Timisoara. With Brother Don’s help and those who help the school, I attended TBBI with room board and education provided, without this I could have never been able to go to a Bible College. I was so blessed by the Godly teachers, made friends with other students who also wanted to preach and teach God’s Word to others. 

My heart was warmed and we studied the Bible together and learned how to tell others about Christ and Preach His Good News. I graduated TBBI in 2005 and went back to the village where I met Christ because there is not Gospel preaching Church there.

Thank you for all your support.

Missionary Iurie and Olga Fedorcea, Moldova