Lucian Hergane

Latest Ministry Report

I came to Christ when I was 16 in the time of the December 1989 Romanian Revolution in the Centru in Timisoara, while being surrounded thousands of people and with bullet noises from the soldiers firing and people dying all around me. I attended a Baptist Church in Resita, my Father a deacon, but I had never trusted Christ as my personal Savior. Then I realized how easy it is to die and that moment I gave my life to Jesus and on May 1990 I was baptized.

My calling to ministry came up while I was involved in business and had good money, it was a time of a hard decision to leave the business and go to Bible school and be trained for the ministry or to go forth in business. TBBI graduate Pastor Gigi Negrea and I ministered on visitation each Saturday in the villages, this is how the Lord began to touch my heart for the lost. The challenge was difficult but God touched my heart and I decided to go be trained for the ministry so the Lord led me to TBBI but thinking that after graduation I’ll do missions but also business.  But, thank God, in my time at TBBI God has touched my heart in a special way so I decided I’ll dedicate all my life to God’s calling and this way He set me free from my human business and targets so, after graduating TBBI in 2007, I was 100 % dedicated to God and His target for me. 

I thank God for Brother Don Kyer who started TBBI, Brother Bill Fortner, my Romanian and American teachers and all who love and support this ministry. Actually my focus in the ministry is to be 100% for God and fulfill the task and I do this by serving the Church, calling people to Christ as may be saved, going in places (villages) with no evangelical church and planting churches there. One village, Terova, there was no Church, we started meeting on the street and for five years, each Sunday. We met during the summer and very hard winters, outside, the people in coats and boots but listening to the Word and praising the Lord. The village Elders saw the change of heart of the young people, many into alcohol, drugs and other bad things, now they love Christ and want to serve Him. They gave us a piece of land in the Village, to build a Baptist Church. 

With the help of some Godly Americans and Romanians, we now have a beautiful Church Building in which to meet. Praise His Name! At this time I have a co-worker in Brother Florin Goiti, who has graduated TBBI as well in 2017, and together we serve four churches, two of them being recently planted and do mission in another village where is no evangelical church. Not long time ago we have started a ministry to help needy people (orphans) that are homeless and we try to find a place for them where to live. Thank God for the calling to salvation and for the calling in the ministry. 

Also thank God for the opportunity to have a good Bible training at TBBI with Godly teachers and pray that God may bless all the faithful fellows in Christ, Brother Don Kyer, who started the school, Brother Bill Fortner and all that are part with us by training, praying and giving faithful support each month. 

God bless you all and reward you richly!
Serving Him together,
Brother Lucian Hergane and the family