Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary

Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary was started in 1998. The Vision of a Bible College in India to prepare and equip those who are called and committed was heavy and constant on my heart since 1984, my Seminary days in Tacoma Washington. Upon my Return to India in 1987 the Lord opened various preliminary doors of ministry leading up to the establishment of MBBCS in Bangalore in 1998. Today we have close to 800 graduates, most of whom are serving the Lord in different ministries not only in India but also in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal and one Graduate in China. Many of them are in responsible Leadership positions today. These our graduates, have received 4 to 7 years of on Campus theological education and with the enablement of the Holy Spirit they continue serving the Lord in frontiers and dangerous circumstances in Asia, the most unreached area of the world.

The Lord helped us to plant 18 churches in the four southern states of India that are now being pastored by our Graduates.
Timothy, our son, and daughter in law Julie, are leading the Orphanage along with teaching at MBCS. This orphanage began when my wife Kung heard the story of abandoned children and there are many in India.

The call to ministry is still very vivid in my mind though it was way back in 1968 when I was 18, the presence and the enablement of my Lord has brought me and my family thus far serving him together. There is yet so much more to be done and by Gods grace the next generation will carry the torch forward.

MBBCS came under the leadership of Frontline Fellowship, Inc and FF Board of Directors in 2014. Frontline was well aquatinted with PJ and Maranatha and have the same vision of “training Nationals to reach their own people with the Gospel of Christ.”
We thank the Lord and all Frontline Fellowship leaders, Churches and friends who have made it possible for us to serve the Lord in India.

In Christ P J and Kung Mathai