Marius Bordeanu

Testimony of Policeman Marius Bordenau a student at the Timisoara Baptist Bible Institute 2008-2009 school year. He attended the Advanced Module Courses to get further education and received a Diploma, Pastoral Studies Bible degree in 2011.

12 years ago I met and fell madly in love with the one who is now my wife. I explained to her that as a new police officer I would be working long hours and different shifts and that as a new bride she would be spending many hours alone but every hour I was off I would be with her. I told her I loved being a policeman and that we should not get married unless she understood the sacrifice both of us would have to make. She said she understood and we were married. Two years later she was spending many evenings alone and was invited to attend a Ladies Bible Study at a local Baptist Church. 

After a few weeks of attending the Bible Study, she accepted Christ as her personal Savior and began asking me to go to Church with her. I noticed a dramatic change in her, for the good I might add, but was determined not to go with her. I told her that you could not be a Policeman and a Christian at the same time. You don’t know the placed I have to go, the people I have to deal with and the decisions I have to make, it is impossible for a Policeman to be a Christian. I continued to resist her invitations to church but she continued to ask me. She then began to “nag” me and I got angry and said, “OK, I will go with you to church once if you promise you will never to ask me again, and I will pick the Sunday.” She did not agree at first and I did not understand then but do now, she had the ladies at the Bible study praying for me. 

One Sunday morning I said, this is the Sunday, I will go to church with you this morning, but remember our agreement. She was excited and we dressed and went to church. I wanted to sit in the back, she wanted to sit up front so we sat in the middle. As I walked in I looked over the crowed to see if I had arrested any of them. When I looked up on the platform, there was a uniformed Policeman from America, from PA., sitting with the pastor. He began to give his testimony of how he made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. He then told how the Lord helped him to be honest, a man of integrity and how the Lord helped him in carrying out his duties as a Policeman. He gave several examples of how the Lord gave him wisdom and helped him to do the right thing in some very difficult situations.

That afternoon I could not get this testimony out of my mind. I really did not believe a man could be a Policeman and a Christian at the same time but this man had proved me wrong. My wife and I did not speak all afternoon as I thought about what I had heard. I was in tears and I now know I was under deep conviction. I told her I wanted to go back to church that night to hear more from this man. When we arrived at church the Policeman was not there, he was at another church. The pastor preached and I went forward and accepted Christ as my personal Savior. 

I have been faithful to my Lord ever since. I became a Deacon a few years ago and two years ago our church started another church in a village not far from where we live and the Pastor asked me to preach at this village church. I have been preaching every week and I realize I need to learn how to build a sermon and how to “rightly divide the Word.” I now know God has called me to preach and I want and need to be trained in handling the Word of God so that I can be a more effective witness and preacher. That is why the Lord has led me to TBBI to be trained in the Word of God! I now serve as Missionary Pastor at Golgota Baptist Church and Graniceri Baptist Church.