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Pastor Andrei and Luminita Turcu are missionary church planters in a village named Cotoroaia, South West Romania. They moved there 3 years ago to reach this village of 800 people with the Gospel. They started the ministry with children and in spite of ll the opposition, God has touched their parents hearts and more of them gave their life to Christ. The first baptism took place in June and now 8 more have been saved and baptized.

Andrei and Luminita both graduated from TBBI in 2005.

It is my joy to be able to share with you a few things from the mission field. A few weeks ago God has brought to our attention a large village named Dombrava (over 20 kilometers from our place). There is just one saved family in this village the rest being orthodox. They are praying for many years for God to send a worker in their area and they made one room in their house available for meetings.

The people in the village showed some interest towards the Word of God. Please put Dumbrava on your prayer list. Pray the local authorities will allow us to have open air evangelism and other kind of public meetings.

A message from Pastor Andrei and Luminita Turcu

“God is good all the time!

It has been hard for me to put in words the emotions that I was dealing with, here is the best news from my family to you. With God’s help, and with the support of all those people that helped us, , on April 19,2018, we managed to buy the house that our family and church and you have been praying and fasting for. God has answered our prayers even when most doubted because it cost 40.000 euros, ($46825.96 dollars) God answered our prayers. We believed in this and we knew that our God is great and good, and that all things are possible with him.

Our prayer is that God would use us for His glory and that the people from Strehaia might know Him and be saved. Before speaking to the people, we want to have a good witness before them and this is why we are building relationships with people around us so that they will know who we are, people just like them, but people with a future and a hope in God.

Today, people are tired of words. They want to see Lord Jesus in our lives. We are praying in the future we will be able to build a House of Prayer where we can meet. For now, we meet once a week in my backyard in my little summer pavilion. There is a lady in Strehaia that is interested in hearing more about the Bible and our prayer and hope is that God would save more people! We meet every evening in the front of our house with children from around the neighborhood and we have different sport activities. I want to begin, with those who want take a few musical courses on guitar and keyboard. The truth is that people here are more and more reluctant to the Gospel and more and more loving toward Orthodoxy and tradition. It is not easy, but with God, all things are possible! Almost every night my family and I would go in the front of that house and pray that God would answer our prayers. We prayed for about 8 months, and finally, God answered!

We want to thank you very much for the financial help you’ve given us and also for the monthly financial support, a very special and needed support for us. We want to also thank Sister Simona     because she was always by our side, and for her honest and sincere reaction when we gave her this news.

God bless you all!

Pastor Andrei and Luminita Turcu”

Andrei and Luminita Turcu. The Turcu’s need an additional $75 a month for support.

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