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Missionary to Romania

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This year has gotten off to an interesting start. When we inquired about my visa options they said I had the option to extend my one year visa for another year, this seemed like the most simple option while we wait fro my Hungarian citizenship to come through.

Well there was some sort of misunderstanding and my visa was refused. So now we are in the process of making a 5 year religious visa (I will be glad when that is done so I don’t have to go to that crowded office again for a few years). By the time they told us this I only had 11 days to make a new visa, but the process takes much longer than that. So they told me to exit the country and come back in and I will receive another 90 days on my passport. Praise the Lord it all went as panned with no problems. I spend a week with a Hungarian family I met back in 2009. It was nice to hear the language and practice a bit. I also got to give my testimony and sing a few times in the churches there.

I came back on Friday, and the church had an event planned for Saturday, we drove for a little over 2hrs to go skiing and sledding. It was so much fun, those were the biggest hills I’ve ever gone down on a sled. The kids from the orphanage have been calling me and messaging me for weeks asking me when I was coming to see them. I haven’t been there since last summer because I have been so busy here with Sunday School and language school.

So I went last weekend and we had a great time together. It’s so wonderful to see the kids I’ve known since 2014 growing up and becoming the leaders at the orphanage, I’m very proud of some of them, it’s not always easy for them to follow the Lord and behave there with all the peer pressure.

This summer I will teach an English summer camp again, but I wanted to do a little more this year. So I spoke with the director from the orphanage to see if I can keep 2 of the middle aged girls
with me at my house for a month (during the time I teach summer school and they can go with me, the orphanage is 3 1/2 hours away from my home). He said he believes it should be possible but
they’ve never done it before and we need to look at all the laws and things like that. I think and hope it will be a blessing to everyone involved, and I hope it will be possible for them to come.
In a couple months I will be done with my formal Romanian language training, and we will move to a schedule where I come every so often for classes.

I will continue with Hungarian also until I’m fluent. Also January I started the Christian counseling classes offered here and in 2 years I will finish the school to become a certified Christian counselor. There are a lot of opportunities for this year and I am very excited, but there is also a lot of spiritual battles being fought, more than I’ve seen in my whole life of Satan really attacking the churches with death and hardship. Keep us all in your prayers for the Lords protection and guidance. God bless!!!

Prayers – for the Romanian and Hungarian people, that the Lord would soften their heart towards the gospel of Christ.

For the Lord to help me to learn the languages and to trust Him with everything.

That I am the best possible witness of Christ and His goodness that I can be in Romania.

Guidance and wisdom in all of my current future decisions

Praise – Always for the Lord’s love and provision

Your fellow laborer and sister in Christ,
Brittany Szilagyi

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