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Pastor Daniel Velcota serves as missionary church planter to five village churches Sepreus, Siclau Varsand, Pilu and Graniceri, and one small town church, Chisineu Cris, Romania.

Emmanuel Baptist Church is a 150 member church. The village churches were all closed by the Communist and now the Lord has used Daniel to re- open these churches and to help them remodel the facilities and reach their villages for the Lord Jesus Christ. Daniel graduated from TBBI in 2000. Daniel need an additional $100 a month support.

My dear brethren in Jesus, together with the Psalmist I can say: “ Many, O Lord my God; are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and thy thoughts, which are to us ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speake of them, they are more then can be numbered. Two teenagers who got saved in the camp we had in August were baptized on October the 15th in Chisineu Cris. The whole church rejoiced much.

The ministry with the young ones continued after the school begun in September. We have 2 study groups in Timisoara, one in Arad and one in Chisineu Cris. Once a month we all meet together.   This past November we gathered at TBBI in Timisoara and fellowshipped 2 pm  to 10 pm. God just blessed us with exalted moments, and the following day (a Sunday) we shared our joy with the brethren in Giroc (near Timisoara).

God gave me the opportunity to preach at the West University of Timisoara in front of 150 students and few professors. The subject was the love of God 1Chor. 13. The following days many students approached me for more discussions and asked for a Bible. And other thing I have in my heart is to go once a week in a factory or workshop and witness to the manager and pray for their business. Some were open for this and some not. Please pray for me in this direction also. In Varsand,  my smallest church with 6 people over 80 two boys 12 and 14 started to attend and I see this as an answer to my prayers. May God bless David and Paul.

I can not be thankful enough for every door and opportunity He has given me this year to serve Him. May He reward the faithfulness you showed to me this year.

Thank you so much! Your brother in Christ with love Dani Velcota.

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