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Pastor Dimitru and Anica Stroia serves as missionary church planters in Sag, 10 km far from Timisoara, Romania, where I live.

For me TBBI was a great blessing, because right after that I entered the ministry full time. It was here where God put the ministry and the desire to be better prepared. I believe God wants us to be well prepared either we work in a city church or a village church. Then I attended the classes for Master of Arts in Biblical Studies through the program of Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Arad, Romania. The Sroia’s need an additional $100 a month support.

“As I wrote you in my previous report we did a children evangelism, using puppets in a play named “ God’s creation “ . The children invited their parents and we were happy to have about 80 people there, over 30 being adults, to whom we preached at the end of the play. Please continue to pray for the people in the village of Sag and for the Seed we planted in their hearts. No one so far responded to God’s call. The people are not open towards the Gospel. We have a new prayer plan that we called “ prayer cards “ where each member will pray for one year for 5 souls and write in the card each time they pray. This will help us to be perseverant. Thank you so much for your support and may God bless you. Pastor Dimitru Stroia.”

Ionel and Sandica Tapirdea
Phone: 001-40-744-549373

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