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Gabriel Cismaru Mission Report First Quarter January-March 2011 Glory to God for His grace shown to us and for His blessings that surround us every day.

I’m glad to write you and to share you about the ministry to which God called me into this area of Romania. As for ministry of town Vanju Mare, in the first quarter of the year, although it has been a tough winter, I tried to go more often during the week in town VM and do evangelism and to pray on the streets and through homes, because fewer people come to church on Sundays for various reasons (shame, occupation, delay, etc.) but during the week must go to them.

Here is very much work but God gave me a help and will marry in June and we’ll move there to stay among the people from this area of mission. Are some souls who come Sunday to church from VM and I believe God will give blessing over town and many people will know Him. About the weekend program: Saturday morning, I and Mary go into the village Balacita , a half hour away, and make a program with children (Bible study, songs, games, etc.) In the future , afternoon we want to have children program and in town VM.

Sunday morning, we were at church program in a village Balacita and have a program of songs and poetry with children and in the afternoons go to church from town VM. Reasons to prayer: For people who have heard the Gospel, God will open their hearts and receive God’s salvation. For a village near the VM, the name is Livezile, there is not yet planted church. For those who will receive invitations this month to celebrate the resurrection, to come to church to hear God’s Word God gives grace over the ministry in this area and I want to thank you for any support both spiritually and financially. God bless you, With love, Gabriel Cismaru, Missionary in Romania

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