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Pastor Gigi Negrea his wife Luminita, daughters Oana and Debra serve the Lord as missionary church planters in the villages of Binis, Doclin and Moniom he started churches in Banloc, Dolat and Graniceri that he has turned over to another young preacher.

Gigi is an outstanding young man with a heart for God and a vision of reaching the villages for Christ. He also organized a youth camp for the churches, teaches Bible in the public school with much opposition from the local Orthodox Priest. Gig graduated from TBBI in 1999. Pastor Gigi needs $50 in monthly in additional support.

Dear prayer warriors, Greetings from Romania from Negrea family! This Wednesday my wife and our new baby girl Abigail Lois came home from the Hospital. Praise God my wife is recovering from the surgery (caezarian operation) and we are glad that she can feed the baby. The baby is a good child, she its at every two hours so I’m up very often during the night as she is screaming while needing food. She is so sweet and we all are around her at every screaming, our daughters are loving her very much and are very carefully for her, they believe that she is a puppy for them but we praise God for the good spirit in the family.

Thank you for your prayers and for staying with us in this special moments. Please continue to pray for our family as to be a faithful family in serving the Lord and others, pray for a good growth of our baby for a soon recovering of my wife and also for wisdom and resources as now our family is 5 people. Our good Lord who gave us this wonderful girl will be with us in all, we know this for sure, praise the Lord. Pray also for the new people who decided to follow Christ during the evangelistic meetings i had in the church of Surducu Mare, this is the fourth church I have to serve from about four months ago.

God is working and He save people and His Kingdom is growing.  God bless you and keep you! Love in Christ the Lord, His servant pastor Gigi Negrea and the family, Luminita, Oana, Deborah and the little Abigail.

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