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Pastor Ion Dobren and his wife and 2 children serve the Lord as missionary church planters in Eftimie Murgu Romania. Ion graduated TBBI in 2003.

Ion as a Deacon was sent by his home church to open this church that had been closed by the Communist. He served as lay pastor for ten years. They have completely remodeled the building, have an adult and children’s choir. Many have been saved and they are running around 150 in church attendance each Sunday. Ion was ordained as Pastor just a few months ago. The Dobren family needs an additional $75 a month support.

Dear brethren in Christ, I have a great joy to greet you in the precious name of our God and Savior Jesus Christ wishing you much grace and many blessings. Here are some things God has done in the Eftimie Murgu Baptist church: After doing a pastor’s job for over 10 years on May the 21st I was ordained as pastor. I pastor a medium size church so we have souls all ages from children to very old. We all want to do God’s will and be a good testimony to our village. For this I prepare every day so every time I have a chance to testify or preach I want to be prepares and used by God.

Our activities as a church involves: Children and teenagers training, musical groups, discipleship groups, pastoral visits, Bible study groups, prayer groups, personal evangelism. This year 35 children began learning to play instruments so we soon will have an orchestra.

Every Tuesday we go to the local hospital where we pass literature and talk to the sick about Jesus. The personal evangelism is also a ministry I want our church to do and I have some young man in the church that are serious about this.  Together with the young people we want to visit and encourage other churches in our area. I feel a burden about a village Ravensca with Czech ethnics where are just 3 old sisters.

All this I share with you but I am aware I am just a unworthy servant and all the merits are His. Thank you all for your love and effort for Romania. May God bless you and reward you. We keep you in our prayers.

With consideration your brother in Christ, Ion Dobren.

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