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Pastor Mircea Rostas and his family serve the Lord as missionary church planters in four Gypsy communities. Mircea, his son Ciprian and daughter Bianca are doing a wonderful work in a very hard area. The Gypsy communities are looked down on by most people in the world, but God has burdened this family and they are having good success in reaching the children and many adults with the Gospel.

They recently led the leader of these communities to the Lord! Praise His name. Mircea graduated TBBI in 1998. The Rostas family needs an additional $80 per month support.

Dear brother and sisters, I hope you enjoy the summer time as we do here in Aiud- Romania. We have a beautiful weather ,it is not high temperature and sometime we have short cold rains which refresh us so wonderful ! Please take a moment to find out how God is working in the mission field in Aiud.

New Christians We are living times especially in Europe when churches are lock down /change destination or become more and more empty because there are less people who want to become Christians or others give up their faith in Christ. The world offer so much that people consider they do not need God in their lives… Inevitable we have to admit there’s more and more moschees, and the numbers of muslims grow unimaginable not only in Romania,or Europe but in all over the world. If they are more active in their faith then we are, then we as Christians have a major problem. We lost something, somewhere, somehow… !

We shell need to go back in time and see how the First Church act in order to promote the christian values among the world. Nobody is too old, nobody is too young, nobody is too busy to get involved and spread out the Good News, and there are so many ways a person can get involved in the mission field if there is a passion for that. Our church decided to become a missionary church. Each member have to be involved in the mission activity . That began with their family and neighbors. Since we promote these teachings in the church ,we have a blessing spiritually development and we also grow in numbers. I believe God have a great work to do among the gypsy nation !!!

Recently we have 3 people who has been baptized and confess publicly their faith in Christ. There are other more 4 people who has accepted Christ as Saviour after they heard the Word. They will make Bible studies with us and introduction in Christianity, for a few months before they will be baptized. We begin to worry now about the space in the church as the number of people who accepted Christ is growing.

Sometime people have to sit outside and watch from the window the church service. If it is raining or is too cold they have to go back home… and that is so sad. God knows about this issues and we are sure HE will provide for us a bigger building at the right time. Cemetery issue We have also a big problem in our ministy. The orthodox priest who control the cemetery is not happy with us ,and he threaten our people if they become Christians they will not be buried in the Community Cemetery . We have made some paper work to the City Hall and ask the Mayor intervention to act according to our constitutional rights. He took holiday now , but he promise to review our request with his counselors when he is coming back to city. Mindtime we wait and pray that God and His Church in Aiud will overcome by His Name and for His Glory!

Please join us in prayer for : – cemetery place for our church people – the kids camp at the end of the month – more workers to be involved in our ministry – clear vision for the future – Marie and Ciprian family Friday is designated to be our fasting day as a church. We pray for Unity,spiritual development , vision , power, healing and protection over the church.

If you can and if you would like to joins us every Friday (even for 1-2-3 hours) we would be more then happy.

Lot of love and consideration , Gipsy Ministry Team from Aiud – Romania

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