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My name is MILITARU CONSTANTIN NICUȘOR and I was born in an orthodox family who do not know God. When I was 21, I used to smuggle oil products for a living. I was aware it is a risky business which will have a bad end.  Still I continued to do it till the day I was caught. I was arrested and spent following days alone, in custody.

After a few days, God sent a guy there who told me about Him. Now I know God used that fellow to reveal Himself to me. That guy used to praise the Lord by singing and that thing pleased me a lot while listening to him. I asked him to find a Bible for me and he did it finally, with great efforts. And I started to read the Word of God and had the feeling He was talking to me. When I found Jesus Christ has died also for my sins, I burst into tears and I realized there is still hope for me. I started to pray the Lord for forgiveness and asked Him to release me from prison and I will repent.

The time has come for me to go from custody to prison now. My criminal act was likely to be sentenced to prison for 4 up to 18 years. But God Almighty has shown His power and my sentence was only 5 months in prison.

After those 5 months I spent in prison, I came back to my village and went to the Baptist Church. I stepped inside and took a place in the last row of seats. I listened The Word and after 3 months I was baptized. In that church I met my future wife as well.

After just 10 months I was again put under arrest and then put in prison for other 7 months. They told me I didn’t execute the entire punishment I had to do. First, I couldn’t understand what was happening. If God put me out of prison, why should I go back there? But this time the situation was different because I was a child of God. I treusted Him and accepted incarceration like the wiiling from God. I met there again unsaved souls which I told about Jesus Christ and His Cross Work. My girlfriend was the only person who came to visit me all time long. I had enough time inthere to deeply study the Scriptures and so I found out more about our Lord.

By His help, the 7 months were history one blessed day. I got out as a conqueror. I obtained this conquest through God and because I used to stay closed to His Word. When I was passing hard times in prison, I used to read Romans 8:37. Every week my wife used to send me a letter and these words were caressing my soul: ”No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”

After the time I spent in prison, I started to serve our Lord in my church. A few months latter, I was married. Along my way, God has blessed me with two wonderful children as well. I just want to thank God from the bottom of my heart for He endured of me, he put me out the sin and now I am part of His family. It is such an honor for me to be a child of God!

Many years after, God let me go again to prison, this time as His servant. Accompanied by other brothers, I was to preach the Gospel to the very prison he spoke to me years ago. Filled of joy I accepted the proposition to go to the prison and preach the Word cause I was thinking I used to be there as well and our days others need salvation as I did.

I graduated the Bible Institute here in Timișoara this year. I want to thank God He let me come and study this Institute where I found wonderful people and God was revealed to me by these amazing teachers I had. I think now I am ready to better serve our Lord.

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