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Rachel, the kids and I are just fine. Only the heat is insupportable here.. I had attache a few pictures, two of them are with the church in Vrsac where I work like asistent pastor, and we just had a baptism there. Two of the pictures are from our first children camp that I had organized together with one brother from here.

It was a big blessings for us and for the kids that were present. It lasted for 3 days, and we called persons who are involved in children ministry’s to help us. We pray that it is going to repeat every year. We had around 35-40 kids every day, and 15 of them were from the village church were I work, from Nikolinci. Also in Nikolinci I will have a baptism at the end of the month with a couple, parents of some of the children present at the camp and at the local church, so that is a big blessing for us here.

I just spoked with brother Avram, for he is absent because of his annual rest period, he and his family are in Greece now. But he will be back next week and he send me a message to inform you that the Bibles that he ordered did not arrived yet, but next week when he comes back to Vrsac that will probably be done, and he will attach and send some pictures with them and with us.  I will try to send a report every two months, to inform you and the person who is helping me in the ministry about the things that are happening here and about the situation from the mission field, If any event happens earlier I will send the report earlyer.

May our Lord in who we trust bless you in your ministry and personal life with a lot of heavenly blessings! With love and appreciation, Trajan Kacina

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