Mircea Rostas

Latest Ministry Report

I was born on 21.10.1958 in Aiud. At the age of 24 I received Jesus in my heart. I played for many years in the world and was surrounded only by people who wanted fun without care about God. 

One day I passed a Baptist church and there I heard such beautiful songs, like they were singing an angelic choir. I went inside to see what going on and I stood amazed to see how much peace and quiet there was between those people. It was a rehearsal night. 

When the rehearsal was over and they saw me, they asked if I was looking for someone and I said I heard the music outside and I liked it. They asked me if I could sing and I said I was a musician. They were very happy and invited me back to church. When I came back, they taught me Christian songs and I gave up my old life as a singer and started attending church. In 1986 I was baptized with my wife at the No.1 Baptist Church in Aiud, the baptist being the Trajan Capota. I served in the church especially with scales and instruments. In 1993 I moved with my family to the commune of Unirea and there I attended the Bethel Baptist Church, being a member of the committee and the worship team.

In 1999 the Lord put me on my heart to take the Gospel of Christ to the most disadvantaged and marginalized people of Aiud, especially to the Roma communities. For this I knew I needed Bible training. A sister told me about the BAPTIST BIBLIC INSTITUTE in TIMISOARA. I got in touch with the Institute and signed up for classes. During the 2 years that the courses lasted at the institute, I received the best teachings and encouragement to be a good servant. The example I received from the teachers and the staff of the institute strengthened me greatly in the life of a servant.

In 2001 after I finished the Baptist Bible Institute I started the work with the Romi. At first we met outdoors for a few years, and then we rented a house and made the programs there. My little girl Bianca started working with kids and did a wonderful job.
Because the work grew and we needed help, my son Ciprian and his wife Maria joined us in 2006. Since then we have been working together to bring the Gospel of Christ to the most underprivileged and marginalized people in our society.

At the moment we have our own building for the Church with a number of 40 active members and we have a wonderful work with 30 children. We have also set up an accredited day center to provide socio-educational services to help children with homework, and to offer them a warm meal.

We thank the Lord for all things and trust in His hand for the continuation of this work. Praise be to God!

Pastor Rostas Ciucur
Hope Baptist Church No. 3 Aiud