Nick Militaru

Latest Ministry Report

My name is Nick Militaru and I was born in an Orthodox family who do not know God. When I was 21, I used to smuggle oil products for a living. I was aware it is a risky bussiness which will have a bad end.Still I continued to do it till the day I was caught. I was arrested and spent following days alone, in custody. After a few days, God sent a guy there who told me about Him. Now I know God used that fellow to reveal Himself to me. That guy used to praise the Lord by singing and that thing pleased me a lot while listening to him.

I asked him to find a Bible for me and he did it finally, with great efforts. And I started to read the Word of God and had the feeling He was talking to me. When I found Jesus Christ has died also for my sins, I burst into tears and I realized there is still hope for me. I started to pray the Lord for forgiveness and asked Him to release me from prison and I will repent. I was released early but after just 10 months I was again put under arrest and then put in prison for other 7 months. They told me I did not execute the entire punishment I had to do. First, I couldn’t understand what was happening. If God put me out of prison, why should I go back there? The prisoners said, where is your God now? But this time the situation was different because I was a child of God. I trusted Him and accepted incarceration like the willing from God. I met there again unsaved souls which did not understand why I did not curse my God! I told then about Jesus Christ and His Cross Work. 

By His help, the 7 months were history one blessed day. I got out as a conqueror. I obtained this conquest through God and because I used to stay close to His Word. When I was passing hard times in prison, I used to read Romans 8:37. Every week my girl friend, now my wife, used to send me a letter and these words were caressing my soul: ”No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” After the time I spent in prison, I started to serve our Lord in my church. 

A few months latter, I was married. Along the way, God has blessed me with two wonderful children as well. I just want to thank God from the bottom of my heart for He endured of me, he put me out the sin and now I am part of His family. It is such an honor for me to be a child of God! I started to search where I could study and improve my knowledge of God’s Word. Through a Brother, the Lord led me to Timisioara Baptist Bible Institute and when I arrived there, it was more than I ever imagined. I found a family, wonderful people who helped me to seek God more. 

I graduated the Bible Institute here in Timișoara. I want to thank God, He let me come and study this Institute where I found wonderful people and God was revealed to me by these amazing teachers I had. I am ready to better serve our Lord. The Lord led me to go again to prison, this time as His servant accompanied by other Brothers, to teach a Bible Study each week in the very Prison he spoke to me years earlier. I also go in a Teen Age in the Prison and I was invited to preach at the Maximum Security Prison in Criova. 

Now, I serve as a Missionary Pastor in Pristol, Mehedinti disctrict of Romania. It is a new church we have recently build with the help of others. I am thankful for what our Lord has done for me, thanks to TBBI, for wonderful people from there and for all the people involved in this work of God. God bless the entire team of TBBI!

Love in Christ, Nick Militaru

Note: Nick was Ordained as a Pastor, Sunday July 12, 2020. Pastor Daniel Tut, coordinator of TBBI was among the pastors on the Ordiantion Council and part of the Ordination Service at Pristol Baptist Church, Oltenia, Romania.