About Us:  Organization Chart

Positions in Frontline Fellowship

The Board

The board members of Frontline Fellowship meet regularly to give direction and oversight to the ministry.

The Board of Directors

Name Location
Rev. Mike Allen Parkersburg, WV
Rev. Roger Benson Parkersburg, WV
Rev. Bill Fortner Ringgold, GA
Mr. Kevin Knack Damascus, PA
Dr. Richard Grammer Charlotte, NC
Dr. C O Grinstead Oxford, AL
Mr. Josh Sheard Milanville, PA
Rev. Mark Sellers Poland, NY
Dr. Tom Wallace Murfreesboro, TN

Emeritus Board of Directors

Name Location
Dr. Tom Berry Newark, DE
Rev. Ed Burkett McAllisterville, PA
Dr. Lewellen Jones Capon Bridge, WV
Rev. Richard Kidd Romulus, NY

Rev. Mike Allen – Director/Missionary

Mike has been actively involved with Frontline Fellowship for over 20 years and has been actively involved in teaching at TBBI and mentoring our students and graduates. As Assistant Director for the past 10 years, Mike has been involved with Bill in overseeing and giving vision and direction to the organization. The Board of Frontline asked Mike to become the Director of Frontline in 2014 and Mike and Bill are working together in the transition. For more information visit our missionary page and select Mike Allen.

Rev. Bill Fortner – Assistant Director/Missionary

Bill became Executive Director after the death of our founder Rev. Don Kyer in August 2005. Bill has been on the Board of Frontline Fellowship since 1973 and went with Brother Kyer on his first trip to Eastern Europe. As Assistant Director Bill assist Mike in the day to day operations, giving vision and direction along with the Board of Directors. For more information visit our missionaries page select Bill Fortner.

Missionary Coordinator

A Mission Coordinator is a missionary that has accepted the responsibility of caring for National pastors on a particular field along with the Country Coordinator. He mentors, encourages and holds accountable these wonderful men who have been called of God to plant and build New Testament Churches and evangelize in a foreign field. It is effective when the missionary lives here in the United States and is able to travel back and forth to the field taking pastors and laymen on short term missions trips for evangelism, medical and or building projects as well as working with these national pastors. The missionary coordinator knows of the various needs of the pastors and churches and orphanages and is able to communicate this need to the churches and thus he is able to raise the support that is needed for the mission field. For more info on our missionary coordinators, please visit the missionaries page and select a missionary coordinator.


Missionaries serve in various fields of the world as ambassadors for Christ. Missionaries mentor, encourages and hold accountable the National Pastor, Missionary or Evangelist in a foreign field. Missionaries evangelize, help to start and run orphanages, schools for the deaf, work with crises pregnancy centers, youth camps, and assist the National Pastor in the planting of Churches and any other ministry approved by the Frontline Fellowship Board of Directors. For more information please visit the missionary page and select one of our missionaries.

National Missionaries and Natonal Pastors

The national pastors are national men who have been called of God to impact their country for Christ. Many of the men have started and continue to work with several churches at once. The need is great, but these men have a heart for God and are willing to step out in faith for Him. For more information on our National Missionaries or National Pastors, please visit the missionaries page and select a national Missionary or National Pastor.