Pavel Murariu

Latest Ministry Report

I was born on April the 23rd 1958 in a village in the Botosani County, northern Moldova. I have spent my entire childhood here, the entire village was filled with joy. My parents came to know God just before I was born and they have named me Pavel (Paul in English). As a child, in secondary school, I occasionally used to accompany my parents to the local church.

After graduating secondary school, I left my home village and moved to a small town called Sighisoara, in the pursuit of a craftsmanship. My aim was to become a turner, therefore I studied this craft for 3 years, from 1974-1977.

I never attended church while in Sighisoara, until one night in February 1977 when I dreamed about hell, or its resemblance.

In my dream, I was on the verge of falling in a great hole filled with flames, smoke and a dim light, where people were desperately shouting for help and water. Then, a close friend approached me. He told me in an authoritative tone; if you want to escape hell, come after me. I accepted and we left the dark field I was in, and I followed him to the Baptist Church he was attending. Then he told me: if you want to escape hell, listen to what the preachers say. I listened carefully to all the prayers and the songs. Then the pastor of the church preached from Acts, chapter 17, emphasizing verse 30 and explaining the Greek meaning of repentance. “And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent.”

The next few days, I met Viorel, my friend, and I told him I had dreamed about him telling me if I wanted to escape hell, I should follow him. Laughing, he told me: well, if you do want to escape hell, follow me. I asked him where he was taking me. He replied: you will see. He led me to the local baptist church and told me to listen to what I needed to do in order to escape hell.

Once the church program started, I was able to recognize several persons I saw in my dream, including the pastor wearing the same clothes as in my dream, and preaching the same words as in my dream. Amazed at these things, I decided for Christ and to be baptized at the next local baptism, on April 2nd 1977, at 19 years old.

Immediately, after my baptism, I felt a strong desire to preach the Gospel. Consequently, the pastor asked to me to lead the people in prayer and hold the Sunday school. Afterwards, he asked me to join him and preach in the villages near Sighisoara.

In December 1980 I came back from my mandatory military service and the next January and I moved to Timisoara, as I had found a new job. Here, I had attended Golgotha church, who at that time did not have an assigned pastor. I was appointed as a youth leader.

I next continued with my studies, I went to high school, and after graduating I enrolled to theological studies, which were illegal and held secret at that time.

After the Revolution in 1989, I also enrolled in the Theological Seminary, at the Baptist Church of no. 2 in Timisoara, from 1990-1992. In 1993, Emmanuel Church (church number 3 from Timisoara) had invited me to be a missionary at the churches in Dudestii Noi and Topolovatu Mare. I enthusiastically accepted.

The next year, I gladly joined the classes at TBBI for three years, where I learned many great things.

During 2000-2001 I also graduated the Master of Arts in Theology.

During all my study years, I kept ministering 3 churches (Topolovatu Mare, Bazosu Vechi and Gruni).

I retired from the Pastorate in 2018, but have returned to my first love and now I am an Evangelist and minister in the villages, even during the pandemic times of 2020.

Praise be to God for my wife for her support and her accompanying me.

Also, we praise God for my American friends and for their support in my education and on the mission field. May God provide you with abundant grace in His eternal kingdom!

Love in Christ,

Pavel Murariu