Sergiu Nichescu

Latest Ministry Report

My name is Sergiu Nichescu, and I was born in a small town on the Danube defile.  On the 13th of August 1980, while I was playing with my friends around a power pole, I climbed it and then reached for the electrical wires to not fall down; that is when electricity went through both of my arms. In the hospital, the doctors thought I was as good as dead. It was God who decided to let me live, and sent the former retired director of the hospital to save me. I left the hospital a couple of painful months later, without both my arms and a feeling of injustice towards what happened to me. 

Though I continued to pray every night that God would give me my arms back, a couple of years followed when I felt as if I as arguing with Him all the time. It was only when a God-fearing man came to our local baptist church and promptly said that God doesn’t make any mistakes, for He knows how much to give to everyone. Upon hearing this my heart was healed from the ungratefulness as I understood God’s plan for my life and reconciled with Him. At 17 years old I publicly testified my love for Jesus through baptism. After 19 years of constant prayers regarding the same miracle I had hoped for since I first saw myself without both arms, God listened to me. He gave me my arms back through my wife. 

Ever since we met we wanted to dedicate ourselves to God’s kingdom together, and TBBI was an answer to our prayers, as it prepared us for the plan God was calling us to. Now, when we look back, we realize how fundamental the Bible School was for our spiritual growth and training regarding the mission work we began doing. With God’s grace, we have been to over 1500 churches worldwide so far, we have been invited to conferences, televised shows, and churches of all denominations. Many souls were saved, healed, and touched by the work God has done and continues to do through us, and we can only be over whelmed with gratefulness as we see and hear the testimonies and we know Heaven rejoices too.

God has blessed us with 3 children, for whom we pray that they will follow God’s will and contribute to His kingdom.  TBBI didn’t just represent an immense blessing to us, but also, indirectly, to the thousands of people God has led us to.