Sonia Silveira

Retired Missionary to the Deaf Brazil

May this email find you well. First of all, thank you again for being part of my life all these years (42 exactly).

I am fine and working a lot as an English teacher but did not forget the needed mental deficient of person like Vinicius, 25 years old. Plus, a couple of simple people who need help with the Portuguese and help finding better jobs. If they come and I am able, the answer is “yes”.

Now about Julianna. She is growing rather fast in the Word of God and going to church regularly which is very good. She has a boyfriend but the relationship is going too fast so problems and uncertainties appear quickly.

The biggest problem is she is at home with her Mom. It is a “she said” stories but how to believe if I do not know her or her house. Yesterday things got very hot and she almost left the house. So today I sent a wonderful message by Max Luccado and it fit perfectly to her situation. I started writing to her, shared the message and told her that I was praying for her to stay in the house and be sweet and calm to her mom because the Lord will find a way. Also, shared some verses to calm her down.

My surprise was to find out that she was in church this morning and already calm. Today is a City Holiday, São Paulo’s Birthday. So, I was happy she was already calm and collected.

She is a blessing and I know that new ones in Christ are a handful. It is ok because I know you and many others are praying for us—let me tell you that we really need. Thanks again!