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The House Next Door to TBBI

Update 1/16/2019

Would you consider helping (Select: TBBI–House Next Door) us with this urgent need? A gift of $500 or $1,000 would help us reach our goal of $65,000.

We are so very thankful for the remodel moving forward and now we are praying for the funds to come in for us to make an offer on the House Next Door! Just to help you understand what this would mean to our school, I will try to recap the importance of this purchase.

1) We can use this for temporary housing. This will give us access to portions of our property that could be used for parking. We have a very narrow walkway to the back of our property and parking on the street is very limited.

2) The additional parking spaces would allow us to utilize our buildings for Pastor’s meetings, and Conferences.

3) The lady next door is very unhappy with us, she has an angry spirit toward our Lord and our students. She calls the police if the students are singing or even on their cell phones talking in our courtyard. She has also taken us to court and even though her charges are frivolous, it still costs legal fees. This would be a blessing to her and relieve us from any further legal action she might take.

God has miraculously brought in $55,000 from faithful partners like you! We would like another $10,000 making $65,000 to make an offer.

Please pray for her salvation!

Please pray for her heart to soften and she will accept our offer. Then she can purchase a place where she will be happier.

Our neighbor next door to TBBI is still very hostile to the Gospel and our students, but she is willing to sell us her small house for $85,000. This property could be used for immediate housing and is vital for the future use of the TBBI property. Her House is right up against our property and she responds negativity calling the police for anything we do, construction, students singing, talking on the phone, or even talking to each other during class break.

We would like to make her a reasonable offer of $65,000!  $7,000 has already been given and part of this was a sacrificial gift from a young couple in Romania who fully understands this vital need. We have needed this property for years but in God’s time He has brought this opportunity to us now!

We continue to pray for her salvation, we try to show her Christ love, but she has such a bitter spirit she responds negatively to our kindness.

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