Trajan Kacina

I was born in 1985 in Timisoara Romania, but taking in consideration that my father is from Serbia, we moved ’88 in Yugoslavia (now Serbia). My parents were not believers, but my grandmother was.  When my mother died (I was 6), and after that, my father had an accident, I was quite alone at 7y old. I started to go to church with my grandmother, and she was the one who helped me remain there. My father became a believer also, and later he became a deacon in the church. I could say that I grew up in the church, even if I was the only young person there.

The Lord worked on my heart, I remained in the church, and I decided to follow Him, and later get involved in the ministry. My father went to work as a missionary in a nearby village, so at the age of 16, I started to preach on a regular basis in the local church in Nikolinci. After high school, I felt the need to get more prepared for the ministry, I heard about a Bible school in Timisoara and I knew that will be the place to get my training for the service to come. 

I was offered a full scholarship to the University of Timisoara but felt I should go for Bible training. IBBT did not teach me just things about God, I felt God there, in His servants, in that small school back then… I’ve learned to listen, to study, and to live those teachings. The real importance was the relation with God, the deep study of the Word of God, and the usage of those studies.  After my first year of intensive courses, all my life goals became clearer. I wanted to go back in Serbia and serve among my people. When I finished my studies (I also studied History at the state University in Timisoara, after that I had my Master and PhD in Ancient History), I’ve became an Assistant  Pastor in the Baptist Church in Vrsac, and after that a Senior Pastor in the village Churches in Serbia (Romanian speaking churches).  

I graduated in 2005 (the first year of intensive courses), and in 2008 the full circle of 4 years of Bible training at IBBT, and that part of my life had a huge impact on me, on my life, my training and the ministry where I am involved.  At this moment, I am still a Senior Pastor in the Romanian speaking village Churches in Serbia (Nikolici, Straza, Mali Zam)  My wife Rachael, is involved in the children ministry, and our 3 boys (Andrej (11), Luka (9) and Alexandar (7) are traveling on Sundays with me, singing and, I hope, preparing for a similar service. Note: After completing his Bible Degree Trajan was offered another Scholarship to the University in Timisoara, after graduation with his Bachelor’s, another scholarship to earn his Doctorate. He completed his Doctorate in Eastern European History. He has been invited to Ireland and other Countries to speak on European History.